Walking Downtown St. Catharines

dtwalk2To add to my series of mini blogs about Downtown St. Catharines one of the first topics I want to address is how incredibly easy and quick it is to get around on foot.


Not to preach too much but many of us use our cars far too much for things that don’t require it.


I am a firm believer in living close to work and using a car as little as possible. It’s better for me and the environment. I live Downtown and will often walk to the office if I have no showings to attend outside the core.


Enough about my lifestyle choices. How is this relevant to commercial real estate you ask? It’s easy. Pretty much most things a business could need would be Downtown. I can do my business and personal banking within a few blocks, grab some quick take-out, go to my favourite coffee shop Mahtay, or visit some of the excellent restaurants or bars for offsite meetings. I can do all of this on foot within a few blocks of my office. On nice days I can walk to Montabello park and work from my laptop and cell phone, enjoy a tea and some good take-out from a restaurant or food truck while I’m there.  It would take more time to get to my car, drive, and park again before I reached any Downtown destination on foot. I have previously worked in offices outside the core that don’t have that convenience. Driving everywhere was a must! What a relief I don’t need to do that any more. With everything being so close by on foot you have so much freedom to enjoy your work days in creative ways without being chained to a desk or a drivers seat.


I have recently noticed an initiative start up called WalkStc. I am a huge fan of what they are trying to accomplish by showing how to get to Downtown hot spots on foot. If you aren’t familiar with their work I have included some photos of what they have done below as well as a link to their website here http://walkstc.com/ or following them on Twitter @WalkStc


There is a growing trend building quickly returning business to the core. Come join us and be a part of that trend.


dtwalk3 walkstc





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