There is Parking Downtown St. Catharines

I hear it all the time, but only from people who seem to never come Downtown… The Haters.


“Downtown has no parking. That’s why I never come.”


That is a terrible excuse and it also isn’t true. I heard this exact line from someone the other night just after they secured a parking spot directly in front of the establishment they were visiting. How could you even speak those words after you pulled that off?


I have never driven Downtown and not been able to find a parking space. It’s true! I doubt anyone has ever tried to come Downtown and not been able to find a space so they just ended up turning around and leaving.


I think we have a poor perception of parking in Niagara. It seems that if we can’t pull our vehicle right up to the front door of the business we intend to visit then we seem to feel entitled to have an opinion that there simply is no parking. Not true!


Here is a photo of the parking garage next to 1 St. Paul. I took this photo during business hours to prove that although this may only be the top floor, there is plenty of parking. (I wasn’t about to go all around the city taking photos of the vacancies in each lot.)


William Street parking garage during business hours.

William Street parking garage during business hours.












On that topic there are several lots in Downtown as well as two parking garages that never seem to fill up. So where is this lack of parking? Even having to look for street parking I never seem to have an issue with finding a spot within half a block to a block of my destination… If you have ever been to a mall on a busy day you would park further from the entrance than that.


Is it because parking costs money that people make this claim? Our parking costs are pretty insignificant! Have you ever parked in Hamilton, Burlington, or Toronto? Their parking rates far exceed ours… yet people pay it, and their parking fills up.


So lets all abandon this opinion that there is no parking in Downtown St. Catharines. This incorrect reputation is hurtful to local business and the reputation of the City. A strong Downtown core leads to a stronger city.

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